Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Upcoming Story: Charmi to kidnap Rajvi?

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha, the show was and consistently is valued for its extraordinary storyline. With Charmi entranced by Darsh and needing to get him, presently another person has entered Toral. Toral appears to have a past with Vipul and Rajvi which is identified with Darsh. The watchers are invigorated and wanting to see the reality of Charmi and Toral getting uncovered soon. With such countless tracks and winds left open in the show, it has effectively kept its watchers as eager and anxious as ever.

In the current track, while making the icon Charmi thinks to take Nandini’s venerated image. Nandini gets apprehensive not considering her to be as she wanted for a kid and joy. Darsh gets disturbed seeing Nandini stressed so the two of them make another icon together. Charmi gets stunned to see Nandini’s godlike object. Afterward, Nandini discovers Toral and brings her home. Rajvi is stunned to see Toral in Rawal manor. Rajvi stresses and tells Vipul exactly the same thing. Toral gets oblivious and requests Vipul. Everybody gets amazed. Darsh thinks to discover about Toral’s significant other and children.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Upcoming Twist: Charmi to kidnap Rajvi?

Nandini deals with Toral pleasantly. Parul acclaims Nandini. Afterward, Toral is seen doing aarti. Everybody fears seeing Toral with fire. Darsh sees her saree going to burst into flames. He saves her. Rajvi gets restless perceiving how Toral’s quality can bring back the past. Nandini discovers something off-putting regarding how Chetan, Vipul, and Rajvi are responding with Toral.

Nandini gets some information about her children. Vipul stresses and changes the theme. Toral says she recollects the name. Vipul stresses thus do Chetan. Charmi gets enraged to realize that her marriage with Shobhit is getting arranged. She considers approaches to dispose of it.

While Nandini prepares Toral for Shobhit’s wedding, here, Charmi enlists a thug. With the assistance of Mrs. Patel, Charmi employs a hooligan to kill Shobhit. Rajvi becomes acquainted with this and goes from that point while Charmi thinks about an arrangement to stop Rajvi.

Charmi abducts Rajvi and thinks to accuse Toral. Here, Nandini sees the neckband having Toral’s name so Darsh and Nandini question Vipul. Vipul gets upset. Afterward, they become more acquainted with Rajvi is missing and they begin discovering her.

In the impending scenes, Nandini will discover Darsh’s image in Charmi’s room. Later she will spot Charmi embracing Darsh. Nandini will contemplate whether Charmi is infatuated with Darsh.

Can Charmi make Nandini and Darsh separate? How might Nandini tackle this new test? What step will Charmi take straightaway? What is Vipul and Rajvi stowing away? Continue to follow this space for additional.

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