Imlie Upcoming Twist: Imlie puts her best foot forward to trap Malini

Imlie Future Story: Imlie and Malini’s exciting confrontation next in Imlie TV serial

Star Plus everyday drama Imlie is anticipating some significant exciting bends in the road in the storyline.

Prior it is seen that how Imlie faces a difficult stretch when Malini declares her pregnancy.

Aparna needs Imlie to acknowledge and figure out how to share Adi’s affection with his kid.

Also, this is when Imlie decides to be the mother.

In any case, here Imlie tracks down a humorous method to give this uplifting news to Malini.

A shock to Malini

Imlie declares her pregnancy when this news shakes Malini deeply.

The intriguing turn is that Imlie needs to admit that she will deal with her kid as her own child,

Imlie tolerating Aditya and Malini’s kid with all affection has given one more shock to Malini.

How might Malini currently expel Imlie from Aditya’s life?

Stay tuned to for more updates

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