Imlie Upcoming Twist: Malini’s evil face comes forth to shock Aparna

Imlie Upcoming Story: Aditya  and Imlie Navratri to see a twist in Imlie TV serial

The best TV series Imlie is seeing major good and bad times in the storyline while the Tripathi’s are good to go to commend the Navratri eve.

Imlie at last finishes every one of the enrichments and furthermore gets Goddess Durga’s venerated image.

In any case, when Malini is resolved to break Tripathi’s confidence in Imlie, she along these lines takes the symbol.

What’s more, this is when Aparna jumps into the room and gets her with the icon.

Malini’s reality in question

Malini plans to take the symbol and make Imlie fall at everyone by and by.

Nonetheless, it appears to be her arrangement won’t work and this is the reason Aparna marks her opportune section in her room.

Stunned Aparna will figure out Malini’s goals this time?

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