Kumkum Bhagya Spoilers: Pragya to fight for her rights?

Zee TV’s popular show Kukum Bhagya has always been loved by the audience for its amazing characters and story creation. Kumkum Bhagya always tries to consider the suggestions of the fans when needed.

Mehra Mansion sells in the current track. Abhi is very unhappy with Pragya. Here, there are difficulties in Ranbir and Prachi’s relationship. Here, Tanu and Aaliya are shocked to learn that Abhi knows Pragya. Pragya knew that the mechanic had entered the room without permission and shouted at him in the bathroom.

Abhi decides that it cannot be Pragya. While shopping, Sushma found that her wallet was missing. The police caught the thief and looked around. Pragya was shocked to see who the police found. Tanu and Alia are shocked to see Pragya. They want to know how Pragya became so rich.

Here, Abhi and Pragya encounter a sudden moment. Dadi is happy to hear that Pragya is back, but Aaliya makes sure that Abhi does not know Pragya. Tanu was taken away by the police, and Pragya wanted to know how these people quarreled.

There, Ranbir was happy to be reunited with his family. Tanu did not give any information about Pragya. The police advised Abi to request the complainant to withdraw the case. Duddi said that Tanu should not stay in jail for long, so Abi agreed to contact Sushma and her daughter.

Abhi comes to Sushma and apologizes. He also asked to withdraw the case. Sushma said her daughter filled it. Abi asks him to call his daughter. Abhi is shocked to see Pragya, but he could not believe his eyes. Tanu and Aaliya want to know where is Abhi?

Prachi and Ranbir meet Pallavi and Pallavi tries to bring Ranbir home, but there was only one person there. Prachi tries to establish contact with Abhi again, but Aaliya takes it and says how Abhi is destroyed and how he hates Prachi. Prachi is very sad. Later, Prach thought that he had seen Rhea, but she was confused.

Riya is shown taking drugs and running away from the crowd. Here, Pragya and Sushma reveal that Abhi is a mechanic and Tanu is a purse thief. Sushma consoles him. Pragya opens the door. It was Abhi. They were shocked to see each other.

Alfie is overjoyed. Abhi tries to show happiness, but Pragya stops him. Sushma called the guard. Pallavi refuses to help Abhi in Tanu’s case. Ranbir and Prachi had a dispute over work issues. Ranbir believed that Prachi did not respect his work.

Here, Abhi asks Mithali, Aaliya and Tanu why they hid Pragya’s complaint from them. Aaliya tries to manipulate Abhi, but to no avail. Abhi was shocked to read about the auction of Mehra Haveli in the newspaper.

Pragya asked Sushma if she knew the importance of the mansion, and she auctioned it without asking. That mansion is very important to Duddi, and Duddi is very important to her (Pragya). She won’t see it being auctioned off. Sushma said she had one condition to stop the auction.

Pragya came to Sushma to inquire about the sudden decision. Sushma put such conditions to stop the auction, which surprised Pragya. Mithali and everyone get the news of the sale of Mehra’s mansion and try to provoke Duddi, saying that Pragya was about to destroy a family. All of them decided to visit this haveli.

Abhi and Pragya both visit this haveli and remember all the moments in that house. Abhi is upset over selling Pragya’s house. Abi could not tolerate the change in attitude of Pragya who yearned for revenge. Abhi warns Pragya and challenges her, everything is temporary for him, he will not let Pragya retaliate.

Pragya congratulates Saluja. Abhi covers his face, wondering if Pragya knows that this is her. He kissed her hand.

In the next few episodes, Pragya will tell Aaliya and Tanu that there will be a war. Sushma will support Pragya and inspire her to fight for her rights.

Will Abhi and Pragya meet? Will Tanu Rot go to jail? What has Vishwas decided for Pragya? What will happen to Prach and Ranbir’s love story? Stay tuned to this space to know more about your favorite shows.

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