Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani Spoilers: Will Kajol catch Naina with Arjun

Colors TV show Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani is currently leisurely moving concentration towards the new pair or Kajol and Anurag. Anurag and Kajol will track down a typical connection between them. Chandana and Naina faults Kajok for Bishu’s demise and Kajol is abandoned without help from anyone else. Will Anurag support her during her difficult time? After Bishu’s passing Kajol faults Arjun and understands his reality. Still up in the air to deliver retribution of his affront. How will Arjun deal with settle on Kajol adjust her perspective? Will Anurag begin enjoying Kajol?

Rajesh gets happy discovering Kajol in office. He told Kajol we need to discover some business soon or we will free the press. Kajol told we likewise need to pay individuals father acquired cash from. Rajesh told Kajol he will show her beginning and end. Kajol advised Rajesh to set up a rundown of the multitude of old customers and they will meet them all by and by. Kajol thought regardless she needs to do she will not leave her dad’s name alone destroyed.

Arjun got Naina and tell this is his own vehicle. Naina told him not to ridicule her she realizes how fit he is. Arjun told Kajol was actually a serious mix-up of his life. Naina told even she thinks Kajol was not his sort. Arjun told his mom and auntie consistently needed he would have picked Naina rather than Kajol. Naina asked Arjun what’s his opinion on her? Arjun told her he confides in her and feels OK with her.

Anurag offered cash to Rajesh and tells to pay individuals however demands him not to tell anything to Kajol .She told Anurag he hasn’t changed a little and she tells there may be still be no heartfelt point in his life. Anurag began contemplating Kajol. Kajol and Rajesh begins meeting customers for work yet they get no achievement. Rajesh told Kajol not to stress he will organize something. Everybody at home gets stressed as individuals would be coming whenever to request their cash. Rajesh thought Anurag has placed him into inconvenience by asking him not to let Kajol know that he has helped them. Kajol trusted Rajesh would organize some cash.

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