Udaariyaan Spoiler alert: Fate to hint at Tejo and Fateh’s union again and again

The new color show, Udaariyaan, produced by Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta under Dream tata Entertainment Pvt Ltd, tells the story of Jasmine Kaur Sandhu and Tejo Kaur Sandhu’s two sisters, who have different dreams, thoughts and life plans and artists. Boxing Fateh.

Here, the first heroine Jasmine dreams of flying to Canada, and the second heroine Tejo is a smart student who hopes to succeed in life just to realize her dreams of her own village. Fatah’s dream is only Jasmine. His love for Jasmine was so deep that he said that wherever Jasmine was going, he would go. But Fate plans something different for the trio, as in a future story, Tejo will be trapped between Fatah and Jasmine.

In the previous episode, Tejo was interviewed for his doctoral program. Chachi, Dadi and other family members were seen filling out forms for Canada and planning to imprint Tejo’s signature so that she could marry a Canadian and Take them to Canada

Dadi had expectations in Adhiraj, and Chachi was expecting Tejo. Jasmine and Tejo’s sweet bond was only revealed at first. Taejo is seen as a caring and selfless sister and Jasmine just wants a ticket to Canada. But show love for Tejo

Tejo was selected for a PhD program and selected Punjab, India, and left overseas, the Sandhu family and the man from the village of Moga, both went to Chandigarh International Airport, where they held the Sandhu family ceremony. He did not receive a lucky card from Canada.

Everyone comes back, Tejo versus Fatah’s brother, and Fatah follows her brother to take a picture of Jasmine. Destiny plays a role. Jasmine’s image is exchanged with Tejo and falls into the hands of Fatah who tear it up.

In the next episode, his wife’s fate will take Tejo to any place between Jasmine and Fatah, be it temples, villages, shopping malls, or other locations.

So it’s nice to see how Fatah’s love story goes wrong and Tejo will become his future.

Will Jasmine realize her dream of coming to Canada? Tejo will accept Fatah, but is Amore her future?

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