Udaariyaan Spoilers: Tejo to decide to divorce Fateh?

Colors’ well-known show Udaariyaan began to acquire its most noteworthy TRP after Tejo found out with regards to Fateh and Jasmine’s mysterious relationship. The show is preparing for high voltage dramatization with Fateh and Tejo getting captured.

In the past scene it was seen that Fateh requested that Buzzo assist her with discovering Fateh to which Buzzo concurred. They were really taking a look at each inn in the city. Other hand Kushbeer erupted at Gurpreet for sending Tejo to discover Fateh. Gurpreet would not have food. Biji needed to persuade Gurpreet, yet Kushbeer halted her platitude to allow Gurpreet to act obstinate. Nimmo said that Kushbeer will break this family by continually agreeing with Tejo’s position.

Kushbeer solidly said that regardless he will remain close by. Tejo discovered Fateh’s whereabouts and requested that Buzzo leave. Buzzo complied. Tejo went to converse with Fateh. Jasmine left the room blowing up on seeing Tejo and sat in the gathering. Tejo attempted to persuade Fateh to get back and he contended with her. Police attack that lodging. Jasmine stowed away under the table on seeing police. Police got Fateh and Tejo.

The two attempted to explain that they’re a couple, however police wouldn’t trust them. Fateh blew up when a cop abused Tejo. Tejo quieted him down. Police began to drag Fateh and Tejo independently, yet Fateh embraced Tejo not releasing her. Anyway police seperated them and caused them to get on the jeep. Jasmine got stunned on seeing this.

Tejo and Fateh were put on a similar lock up. Jasmine arrived at the police and let the auditor know that they captured her better half, Fateh Singh Virk. The constable said that his better half was at that point with him in the lock up.

In the forthcoming scene it will be seen that Tejo will say to that she will give him separate and will Kushbeer that she needs to continue on in her life. Fateh will rest putting his head on Tejo’s shoulder.

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